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2 min readDec 9, 2022


Shaahin Cheyene — Pioneer of Digital Vaporization with Joseph Panetta Series.

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Ultimately I think you know, the beautiful thing that the beauty is when somebody can develop a small enough device that’s a true vaporizer, a true digital vaporizer where you don’t have to buy the liquids and you can just use plant, real green herb or real tobacco and that’s when something really nice is going to happen. I’ve seen devices that are the size of like a small cigarette pack that do that but, I’m yet to see what we were in the end phases of building, which is something that’s the size of like an actual cigarette where you could actually put a small amount of plant matter and that’s another great advantage of vaporization over smoking. When you smoke you burn it and you’re done with vaporization that same tiny amount of plant matter can last you weeks and weeks and weeks so it’s much more efficient on your materials as well it feels cleaner.

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