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2 min readJul 29, 2022

How To Be A Negotiation Ninja with Mark Raffan Series.

This is a 6 part series on how to hack and grow rich, make money online and how to overcome life and business/career issues.

▶ Video Transcript:
There are two major themes that I picked up. There one is the adaptability theme and I love this. This is so key for negotiation as well. Um it’s really important to plan and prepare and have everything done and build your fundamental skill set and all that kind of stuff. But if you’re not adaptable, it’s the way that the negotiation moves and shapes, then you’ll lose out on a lot of value.

In fact there’s an academic. His name’s Michael Wheeler. I believe he’s a professor at Harvard. He wrote a book about the the the implications or or like negotiation is almost like jazz. Good negotiations is almost like jazz music. How some musicians are playing off of each other and at the end you get this beautiful piece of music. But no one knew what they were getting into prior to that music being played. Yes, they knew what they were doing. They had good fundamental skill sets. They had practiced a great deal but the the music that came out at the end was a result of the back and forth between both parties to liken that to business and negotiation I think is brilliant and the other thing that you mentioned there was this mindset of being focused about driving towards getting getting it done.

I love that you said. Your your best isn’t good enough because I there is something that someone once said and i can’t remember who it is so forgive me. If I quote this if someone listens to it let me know who it is but they said the best you can do is not all you can do. There’s a difference between those two things because for example if I said to you you know get on a pull-up bar and do five pull-ups you may do two and that’s the best you can do right now but is it all you can do? If you rest for five seconds maybe you can do another two. If you rest for another five seconds maybe you can do another three and next week you’re going to be able to do 10 right? So the best you can do is not all you can do. So making sure that people understand that you yes you need to try your best but remember that’s not all you can do. You can do more than that. It’s so key for people to understand.

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