Exploring The Real Secrets of Wealthy People

Importance of Being Mindful to Become Successful with Bruce Langford Series.
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This is a series on how to hack and grow rich, make money online and how to overcome life and business/career issues.

▶ Video Transcript:
You’re now listening to Hack & Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. You talk to wealthy people. They’re going to tell you they’re lucky. They’re going to tell you, hey man, I just got lucky and I’m really passionate about this thing. They don’t want to tell you that you know what, I’m smarter than you. There are people smarter than you and not only that, I’m more ruthless than you, I’m more aggressive than you. I know how to manipulate people more. I know how to exert influence in the right ways. These are things that people will not tell you. These are things that people will not share with you. You have to be more aggressive. You have to be relentless. You have to have enemies. You have to go out there and fail. You have to be able to take risks and you can’t do that if you’re broke.

▶ Watch full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtopCmzTUH0

▶ About Shaahin:
Shaahin Cheyene is an Author, Speaker and Leading Amazon Expert. He has worked for countless companies and individuals, taking products and companies from $0 to millions on the Amazon platform. To learn more about Shaahin and his career as a major Amazon FBA seller with millions in sales visit: https://www.shaahincheyenne.com


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How To Grow Rich Online

HGR Clips is hosted by Shaahin Cheyene, Award-Winning Business Mogul, and co-hosted by Bart Baggett, author of Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy.