Subtle Art of Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously To Succeed

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1 min readNov 26, 2022


Importance of Being Mindful to Become Successful with Bruce Langford Series.

This is a series on how to hack and grow rich, make money online and how to overcome life and business/career issues.

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It is important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That’s the problem with most people. Seriousness is a disease. Most people have a pole up there. You know what, and they’re walking around with all these levels of seriousness and all this projection of themselves. And that’s why I do stuff like that. I try to do some silly thing, make a prank, call call a friend and make them laugh. Do something silly and unexpected every day because it breaks me out of that thing. It breaks you out of the traps of the ego of the belief that all this is is real that all this is all there is.

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How To Grow Rich Online

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