Trickle Up Economics Explained

How do you start a company? There’s plenty of advice out there, but it can be hard for entrepreneurs to know where they should begin. Starting a company is no easy task. It takes time, energy and money to get it off the ground — but there are some things that can make this process easier on you as an entrepreneur or founder. In this episode, Shaahin and Bart give hacks on starting your entrepreneurship journey with their years of experience and dedication.

Starting Your Entrepreneurship Journey Using 4 Pillars to Success

This is a part of the playlist on how to hack and grow rich, make money online and how to overcome life and business/career issues.

▶ Video Transcript:
So now you’re going to go buy $1,000 worth of product from distributor A This MLM. And for those of you guys who don’t know, it’s multi level marketing effectively. And I hope I’m not offending anybody who’s involved in multi level marketing, but a lot of people do believe that it is very similar to a Ponzi scheme. Because the people at the top of the pyramid, make money, every time product is sold down the line. So you’re at the top of the line, you’re whatever their top sales guy, you have to bring in a certain number of other sales people under you. And these could be your cousin, your Uncle Joe, your aunt Susie, and then they bring people in under them. And so you make money all the way at the top. And all these people are required to sell and buy a bunch of product from you and from everybody up the line. And that’s how it works. It’s kind of like this trickle up economics.

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▶ About Shaahin:
Shaahin Cheyene is an Author, Speaker and Leading Amazon Expert. He has worked for countless companies and individuals, taking products and companies from $0 to millions on the Amazon platform. To learn more about Shaahin and his career as a major Amazon FBA seller with millions in sales visit:


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How To Grow Rich Online

HGR Clips is hosted by Shaahin Cheyene, Award-Winning Business Mogul, and co-hosted by Bart Baggett, author of Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy.